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Where digital assets meet real estate properties! Bank transfers have proven to delay or prevent real estate transactions from happening.

Our service is simple… We allow cryptocurrency holders to turn their profits into long-term assets in real estate. Cryptoruuf.com allows you to buy any home in the world with cryptocurrency. Buyers pay in crypto, the homeowner receives US Dollars.

We have flexibility with our payment system, allowing partial payments in cryptocurrency to cover just a down payment or a percentage of the home.

At Cryptoruuf.com, home owners, agents, and real estate investors can list their properties for the global cryptocurrency market to see. We have listings of all types, from residential homes and farms to vacation properties and rentals.

Using our service, home buyers will be unaffected by market volatility. A predetermined USD equivalent of cryptocurrency will be placed in escrow, once transactions are confirmed, the homeowner will receive fiat (US Dollars, Euros, Yen, etc.) within 24-48 hours.

The co-founders are made of both real estate and blockchain experts, creating a home for both industries to easily overlap. Cryptocurrencies have many advantages over fiat currencies, which more and more people will learn about as the adoption continues to grow.

We are here to help the adoption of cryptocurrencies, showing homeowners across the world that cryptocurrencies are a true store of value and their utility is proven.

List your property on Cryptoruuf.com to expose your asset to a world of international potential buyers!

We Are Building the Modern Real Estate Industry!

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